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"We chose to partner with MetaViewer because their solutions go way beyond the electronic filing cabinet to full paperless ERP, tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics.  They understand the Microsoft Dynamics channel and what it takes to make a channel relationship work."

~ Chris Milan
Managing Director
Tribridge, Inc.

Paperless Profits

Whether your clients’ want to reduce the cost of invoice processing and delays, eliminate unnecessary duplication of work or increase visibility into their accounts payables and receivables; Metaviewer is the one paperless AP/AR solution that is tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics while providing the affordability expected by mid-market clients and the scalability demanded by enterprises.

Virtually every manufacturing, retail or distribution company that processes one thousand or more invoices per month is a MetaViewer prospect. Organizations in the food & beverage, fashion & apparel, finished goods and consumer goods verticals are particularly strong prospects because of their large number of suppliers and transactions.

It is very likely that you already have customers in these verticals that have a need for a paperless accounts payable (AP) or accounts receivable (AR) solution. You can use your existing relationships to ask a few simple questions to be able to fulfill their immediate need and quickly justify their purchase on the basis of a compelling return on investment.